Why TotalClean?

Hiring a high quality Bournemouth and Poole cleaning service can be a benefit to your lifestyle. It helps you add much needed time back to your schedule. Having a regular home cleaning service can reduce a pressure of constant need to get up and clean something. Here are some benefits of hiring TotalClean house cleaning services:

  • Regular cleaning is the best way to reduce dust and other irritating allergens from the home
  • Every time you clean the house with disinfectants, you are killing bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms that can compromise your health.
  • Let’s face it: there’s nothing better than walking into a house that is clean and organized
  • When you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning, you can relax and spend your time on achieving personal goals

With TotalClean, you will have a worry-free cleaning services. From kitchen floor to door knobs, TotalClean has the resources and expertise for cleaning your house and getting the job done right every time.

We’re your local cleaners

We are an independent, local Poole house and office cleaning company. We are committed to our customers and to being the best Bournemouth and Poole maid service.

We custom clean your home

Residential cleaning services from TotalClean are designed to meet your cleaning needs. Whether you are concerned about allergies, or you prefer green home cleaning, TotalClean offers house cleaning options that meet your needs. We would like to meet with you and develop a custom house cleaning plan that would ensure better home cleaning service and the most accurate, in-home estimate. Every home and and family is unique, so we customize our home cleaning services to fit your needs and your budget.

Healthier Cleaning

At TotalClean, we use Microfibre Cleaning Cloths for cleaning and dusting. These cloths are a great environmentally friendly healthy alternative to cleaning with chemicals. Microfibre cleaning cloths are made from very fine fibers that are super absorbent. Microfibers trap the dirt and grime and they are not released until they are washed in hot water. Therefore the dirt is not transferred from surface to surface while cleaning. And, microfiber cloths work especially well on mirrors, windows, and glass because the surface will dry totally streak free.

Trust & Protection

We check employment references and conduct extensive background checks on our team members / maids before we hire them.

We carry liability insurance to protect against breakage and/or theft.

We provide fully insured cleaners to protect you against a maid’s accidental injury in your home.

Rotational Cleaning

Our house cleaning includes cleaning everything on the cleaning check list, every time. However, we offer a customised home cleaning rotation system that gives you more flexibility with the cleaning and dusting tasks every 2-3 visits. For example:

On the first clean, we Detail-Clean your kitchen and bathrooms and thoroughly clean the rest of your home. On the second clean, we Detail-Clean the sleeping and living areas and thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathrooms. We then follow with a system that maintains a detail-level of clean throughout your home.

We suggest a rotational cleaning schedule that is right for your home and budget. Once we agree, we provide you with a copy of the custom cleaning schedule and then stick to the program.

Customer Service

We listen to your cleaning concerns & needs and promptly respond to them.

Flexible Scheduling & No Contracts

There are no Service Contracts to sign. You may cancel your service at any time. We earn the privilege to continue to serve you by delivering quality service each time we clean your home.

We also have flexible scheduling options. We offer Weekly, Fortnightly and Occasional services.

We also understand that changes can occur in your personal schedule. Every estimate provided gives you the prices for the frequency between cleans. We price each cleaning based on the time between cleans.

If you need to reschedule service, move to a different day and time of the week, or take a break from service during the summer months… no problem. We are here to serve you. We do ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible.